SLQ CURRENT ISSUE: Vol.3. No.2. January – March 2010

Dedicated to the memory of Dennis Brutus

Essay: Olu Oguibe Meeting Dennis Brutus

Fiction: W Jack Savage Bumping, N Quentin Woolf Big man, Emmanuel Sigauke Night in a Drum, Andrew Campbell-Kearsey Unmusical Bumps, Diluted Cappuccino, Claire Godden-Rowland Demons.

Poetry: Dominic James Afternoon Song & Other Poems“, Sharma Taylor Three Poems, Noel Williams Instamatic, Mandy Pannett Moon-Search, Paul Jeffcutt South and West.

Interview: Dike Okoro in Conversation with Benjamin Kwakye.

Drama: Susanna Roxman Dream in Two Scenes, Dialogue in Edinburgh.

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